Welcome make note tht we have used some wordpress scripts to the website due database settings

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And You Can Check The Status Here 2 by klik Here

status page Currently Under Construktions tank you for ur patience

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  1. we have used some code from wordpress for help cause we are busy to make other websites for clients so we need a fast easy working website self by them :D

  2. Here Is The Counter Number showing how many different ip users and users visit this site number 1 for one user if it 1000 users the number will be on 1000 have funh :D By And Posted By Admin Owner Martin Berg

    P.S this counter, Counter every ip adress and send it through my sql server and tell it how many ip have visiting then it tells to my domain what him counted on and then it wil been show here verry easy hosted By Martin Berg

    Web Counter By Martin Berg
    Web Counter By Martin Berg

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